1811 on the Mississippi: A Roosevelt, A Steamboat, a Comet and an Earthquake

The year 1811: A major earthquake hits the central part of the Mississippi River creating havoc and destruction on the river and in nearby towns. It registered 8.1 on the Richter scale. It was felt in New York, Washington DC and Montreal. It rang church bells in Boston!

The year 1811: a 42 year old relative of Franklin Roosevelt with his plucky pregnant 19 year old wife, their 2 year old daughter, dog and crew make history by piloting the very first steamboat down the Mississippi, in a historic journey that would forever change commerce on the river.

The year 1881: A bright comet appears for months in the sky. Many were terrified of this, convinced it was a bad omen. The natives link the comet to the smoke and steam of this new steamboat. Others  believe the comet causes the earthquake.

On December 16, the Roosevelts, the steamboat, the comet and the earthquake converge in time and place for an unforgettable and dramatic adventure!

Both Steve and JoAnn tell this amazing and unbelievable story. This true tale is highly entertaining, with incredible historical details and first person accounts. It is a 50 minute presentation.

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About Steve and JoAnn

Steve and JoAnn are widely respected for their knowledge of the Mississippi River, gained through personal experience and years of study, river travel, exploration and conservation work. They are also professional musicians. Steve and JoAnn are guest speakers for American Cruise Lines as they travel the Mississippi from St Paul to New Orleans, using their lectures, seminars and music to share their knowledge of the river with everyone they meet.

Contact 651-739-4510 JoAnn's email: joann@joannfunk.com Steve's email: baritonissimo@yahoo.com 


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