Meet The Mississippi: One of the Wonders of the World!

Many of us take the Mississippi River for granted, peering below as we pass over it on I-94 or 35E. 

The Mississippi River is one of the wonders of the world! It is the third longest river in the world at 2320 miles. Its watershed drains 41% of the United States. It is a major bird migration route. 

It has captured the imagination of everyone from Lewis and Clark to Mark Twain. Many people from Europe travel here to see and experience the Mississippi. Here it is in our backyard!

JoAnn and Steve's Meet the Mississippi is a wonderful way to get an overview of the river: glacial origins, early exploring, the incredible story of the building of our locks and dams, differences in the the Upper and Lower Mississippi, migration, wildlife and more! 

You will be amazed and inspired by this mighty river!

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About Steve and JoAnn

Steve and JoAnn are widely respected for their knowledge of the Mississippi River, gained through personal experience and years of study, river travel, exploration and conservation work. They are also professional musicians. Steve and JoAnn are guest speakers for American Cruise Lines as they travel the Mississippi from St Paul to New Orleans, using their lectures, seminars and music to share their knowledge of the river with everyone they meet.

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